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Facing a health challenge? Or just keen to contribute to medical research? Evrima is for you.

Support: from a dedicated team

Register your interest with Evrima and one of our Patient Experience Team Members will call you to talk you through your clinical trial process. Our team also includes registered nurses, who may also be available to answer your questions.

Consistent communication

Our Evrilink technology platform keeps you updated on where your clinical trial process is up to, from
pre-screening right through to trial enrolment. You’ll never be left wondering.

Trusted by GPs

Evrima is trusted by doctors and healthcare professionals around the world. GPs regularly refer patients like you for clinical trials managed by us.

Participant Stories - Discover first-hand how clinical trials make a difference.

Participant Story - Val

Type 1 Diabetic

A Type 1 diabetic, Val wanted to participate in a clinical trial to explore and understand the impact of potential new treatments for diabetics before their release to a wider market. That’s when Val found out about Evrima from an online search. Through the Evrima website she can now easily find the latest clinical trials and be notified about trials that interest her.

"What Evrima is doing is enabling research data to be used in a really productive way, and actually expediting trial research and outcomes to the marketplace for patients like me".

Participant Story - Francesca

IBS Sufferer

A long-time IBS sufferer, Francesca has discovered life-changing solutions through clinical trials. Her entire family is supportive of clinical trials and the impact they can have on participants and countless others searching for answers. Like Evrima Technologies, they are striving towards a future where clinical trial participation is seen as a collective journey towards healing and a brighter future for healthcare.

“The more people that participate in clinical trials, the more solutions we're going to find for people like me - I want to make sure they suffer less from the condition I have."

Participant Story - Jade

BRCA1 Carrier

After both her mum and aunty were diagnosed with breast cancer, Jade underwent genetic testing and found out she was carrying the BRCA1 gene. She subsequently participated in a clinical trial to gain access to potential new interventions, and to inspire other young people to find hope and healing through medical research.

"When I received my diagnosis, I felt like I was staring down the barrel of a life sentence. But, with my clinical trial, I don't feel as hopeless anymore - I feel like I can make a difference for those living with genetic mutations."

Participant FAQs and answers


What is a clinical trial?


A clinical trial is a research study conducted on humans to evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and side effects of new medical treatments, interventions, or procedures.


Why should I consider participating in a clinical trial?


By participating in a clinical trial you are contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge, helping to improve treatments for various conditions, and potentially providing access to new therapies or interventions.


Do I receive any reimbursements for taking part in a clinical trial?


Some clinical trials, but not all, do have reimbursements associated with them. If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, register today to find out more.


How can I find clinical trials to participate in?


To view our current active trials and find out if you are eligible to participate, visit our trials page.


What if I’m not eligible to participate in a trial?


If you are not eligible to participate in any of our current trials, head to our active trials page and 'Sign up for Evrima news' to be kept informed of future trials.

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