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Tailored clinical trial recruitment services

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You need the right trial participants, at the right time. We can help.

A suite of service options

We offer a tailored suite of service options to help you hit your diverse clinical trial recruitment targets.

Innovative marketing

You have protocol-specific patient populations to identify and enroll, we can help you find them and reach them. Let’s get your clinical trial underway sooner.

Pre-screening support: from nurses

You need qualified trial participants, rapidly. Evrima’s remote clinical trial nurse team helps refer highly-qualified participants for your trial.

Visibility on recruitment progress

Our Evrilink platform provides full visibility on your clinical trial recruitment progress, and empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

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They trust us


A report from the Clinical Trial Action Group released by the Australian Government revealed that 90% of trials in Australia experience recruitment delays. Evrima is working to change this statistic. Now.


It’s estimated 487,901 participants registered for a clinical trial in Australia in 2020, or 1.9% of the population. Evrima is working to raise awareness of clinical trials and increase participation levels.

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Evriquest services support the recruitment of the right patients, at the right time, for clinical trials around the world. We provide a range of solutions-based, tailored service options that reflect your individual clinical trial objectives and targets, including developing and implementing marketing campaigns, and providing remote clinical trial nurse support.

Discover how we can help get your clinical trial underway, with the right trial participants, sooner.

Evriquest services can help deliver a better clinical trial recruitment process

An optimum participant experience

Participants can trust our team to help them understand the trial requirements, and determine if the trial is suitable for them.

Support from our experienced team

Gain access to our Evrima team of experienced nurses for specific trials that call for extra clinical supervision. Our Patient Experience team is here to help.

End-to-end recruitment services

Evrima’s Evriquest services can cover recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS), participant online and phone screening and handover of qualified clinical trial participants to the nearest site.

Trial awareness and promotion services

Our expert Evrima team can develop broad, multi-channel marketing strategies as part of study-specific recruitment efforts, or create customised campaigns based on your marketing objectives.

Evriquest Services

Study Feasibility

Using data and insights, our team can provide an independent assessment on the viability of conducting a clinical trial in a specific region, including information on sites and patient population.

Strategic planning

We will work with you to develop a winning recruitment strategy that matches your budget and meets your recruitment goals.

Content design and development

Our Marketing and Graphic Design Team will develop engaging content and creative that participants will relate to. Not only that, but all of the marketing material we create is ethics ready and we submit on your behalf.

Campaign management

Email marketing, social media advertising, search engine marketing, paid media, print, TV and Radio, if you can name it, we can do it!

Direct-to-patient & clinician strategies

Our experienced team can conduct outreach to clinicians, community groups and patient groups on your behalf.

Participant pre-screening

Not only does our Australian-based Patient Experience Team conduct digital and phone pre-screening, but we also have nurses on hand to conduct specialised phone-screening and tele-health.

Real World Study management

Experienced in Real World Studies, our team can manage everything including shipping and logistics.

Real-time reporting

Our easy-to-use, custom-built clinical trial recruitment platform, Evrilink, delivers a real-time, single source of truth for clinical trial recruitment progress.

Evriquest FAQS and answers


What is Evriquest?


Evriquest is our Marketing as a Service (MaaS) offering to help Trial Sites, Sponsors and CROs with clinical trial recruitment. Our expert team creates marketing strategies and employs targeted recruitment campaigns to reach and engage with specific patient populations, increasing the likelihood of successful recruitment for your clinical research studies.


Why do I need Evriquest?


Using Evriquest for your clinical trial recruitment needs offers several advantages, such as:

  • Access to marketing expertise: Our in-house team has experience in crafting effective recruitment campaigns, maximising reach and engagement.
  • Targeted approach: We identify and reach specific patient demographics, improving the chances of finding suitable trial participants.
  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing marketing activities can be more cost-efficient than maintaining an in-house marketing team.
  • Faster recruitment: Evriquest can accelerate patient recruitment, helping to reach your study goals faster.


What types of clinical trials can benefit from Evriquest?


Evriquest can benefit various types of clinical trials, including those focusing on new drugs, medical devices, treatment modalities, or disease-specific studies. Whether it's a large-scale, multi-regional trial or a niche study with a specific patient population, we can tailor a bespoke marketing strategy accordingly.


How does Evriquest ensure patient privacy and compliance with regulations?


Evrima understands the importance of patient privacy and complies with relevant regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA. They use secure platforms for data handling, obtain informed consent when necessary, and implement appropriate data protection measures to safeguard participants' sensitive information. Read our privacy policy for more information.


How much does Evriquest cost?


The cost of Evriquest can vary based on the scope of the recruitment campaign, the complexity of the trial, and the targeted patient population. We tailor each strategy and approach to meet the specific needs and requirements of each study, maximising its chances of success. Contact us today to find out more information on our packages and pricing.

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