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Breaking boundaries: Evrima Technologies and Brecken Health unite to revolutionise clinical trials and patient care

Evrima Technologies partners with Brecken Health to transform clinical trials through primary care integration


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

29 August 2023


Evrima Technologies, Australia’s leading provider of clinical trial recruitment solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Brecken Health, a network of over 20 primary care medical centres covering both regional and metropolitan locations in Western Australia. Marked by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), this partnership signifies a groundbreaking initiative to connect primary care with clinical research, revolutionising the clinical trial landscape and unlocking new possibilities for patient care.

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Evrima Technologies and Brecken Health highlight key motivators for strategic partnership

Ben McEvoy, Chief Technology Officer at Evrima Technologies highlights the significance of this partnership: "Part of our strategic vision is to connect primary care with research, and Brecken Health's extensive network of practices in Western Australia provides excellent coverage and reach in those areas." The collaborative and supportive nature of Brecken Health's CEO, Brenda Murrison, along with the team's track record of supporting other clinical trials, further solidifies the mutual understanding of the benefits of this partnership.

Dr Brenda Murrison, Founder and Managing Director of Brecken Health explains that a key motivator for this partnership comes from Brecken Health being a practice group. The team are interested to see how research and innovation can come together in a practice setting whilst being at the forefront of new developments. “Our patients will have access to groundbreaking research opportunities, which will, in turn, no doubt be massively beneficial for health outcomes in the future. For our general practitioners, it's an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn new skills too.”

Elevating clinical research and patient care: Evrima Technologies and Brecken Health's vision for strategic partnership

The specific objectives of this partnership align with Evrima's mission to accelerate clinical research and empower patients with access to clinical trials as a care option. By providing researchers with guidance on study design and feasibility, the collaboration aims to facilitate more successful research in Western Australia, while raising awareness of research among primary care clinicians. “Primary care is the missing piece in the clinical trial landscape. Today, a tiny fraction of clinical trial participants are referred by their general practitioner. We want to change that. We are unlocking a huge patient population by bringing clinical trials to primary care,” Ben McEvoy explains.

Primary care has a massive untapped opportunity for clinical research at an early stage before expensive tertiary care is required. Anything that improves chronic disease management and, in turn, keeps patients in their home communities is a win,” Dr Brenda Murrison adds.

By leveraging the partnership with Brecken Health, Evrima aims to identify participants more accurately and rapidly for clinical trials, ensuring efficient recruitment processes. Additionally, this will provide Evrima with up-to-date feasibility data, enabling better-informed decision-making throughout the research process.

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About Brecken Health: Brecken Health is a small boutique group of medical centres, independently owned by a general practitioner, dedicated to providing quality patient care under one roof. With a vision focused on communication, collaboration, and innovation, Brecken Health stays at the forefront of health technology and care. By prioritising a better environment for doctors, investing in knowledge and skills, and fostering autonomy and flexibility, Brecken Health ensures the highest level of care for patients, building trust and satisfaction.

Website: https://breckenhealth.com.au/

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