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Bridging the gap: the story behind our rebrand


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

28 September 2023


From the very beginning, our vision has been to help make medical research breakthroughs happen by expediting and enabling a better clinical trial process - for everybody.

And though we rely on cutting-edge technology to reimagine the clinical trial landscape, everything we do comes back to people - the patients, clinicians, and medical researchers we partner with to help deliver trusted, timely clinical trials. Anchored in these positive, proactive partnerships, we stand at the crossroads of humanity and technology, and we wanted our brand to reflect this. As such, we recently underwent a significant rebrand that combines the warmth of human touch with a sleek, tech-inspired aesthetic. In this post, we will delve deeper into the story of Evrima Technologies, the inspiration behind our rebrand, and what facets of our company have evolved or remained the same.

The beginning

Evrima Technologies was founded in 2018 by now-CEO Charlotte Bradshaw. Having worked in the clinical trial sector for over a decade, Charlotte harnessed her significant industry insights to develop solutions that would make the clinical trial recruitment and roll-out process better, for everybody. With a burgeoning team of clinical trial experts, Evrima developed a suite of three core products and services that were not just technologically advanced but also compassionately people-centric and purpose-built to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Since then, Evrima has remained steadfast in its mission to streamline the clinical trial process and empower medical breakthroughs in a way that works best for all the people involved - participants, clinicians, and medical researchers alike.  

The ‘why’ of our rebranding journey

Our story is one etched in the fusion of healthcare and innovation. We help drive the clinical trial process forward and facilitate medical discoveries while nurturing the connections that underpin them. As such, we redesigned our brand elements to embody this intersection of humanity and technology. 

We also wanted our brand elements to reflect the positive, partnership role we play within both general and medical communities. We evolve and innovate to craft a clinical trial experience that resonates with participants, clinicians, and medical researchers. Not only do we connect patients with the right clinical trials for them, but we also support trial compliance and completion. This dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships based on trust and transparency necessitated a fresh brand perspective. 

Evrima mobile website

Evrima 2.0

To infuse our visual identity with our core values of humanity, innovation, and collaboration, we have updated our typography, iconography, and colour palette to harmoniously blend the comforting essence of human interaction with the sophistication of a contemporary, tech-inspired style. Likewise, we have completely redesigned our website with these new brand elements, a more intuitive interface, and a comprehensive resource hub housing trends, insights, and expert tips for the clinical trial industry. 

We have also updated the names of our three core products to simplify their essence, clarify their offerings, and empower clients to engage with us more effectively by helping them understand how our solutions align with their needs:

  - Evrima Connect, our tech-enabled clinical trial hub, is now called Evrilink
  - GP Search Tool, our clinical trial search tool for clinicians, is now called Evripath
  - Our tailored clinical trial recruitment services will now formally be known as Evriquest. 

New brand, same mission

As our brand elements evolve, our core commitment remains firm: the acceleration of patient-centred clinical trials that propel medical breakthroughs and enhance health outcomes, for everybody. The new names of our cornerstone products symbolise this commitment - though renamed, they retain their purpose-built, solutions-focused essence and continue to serve as instrumental tools in recruiting ideal-fit clinical trial participants, supporting trial compliance and completion, and ultimately facilitating the timely delivery of trusted clinical trials. Our rebrand is not a departure from our mission but merely a refinement of its expression - it signifies our resolve to innovate within the healthcare landscape without forsaking the values of compassion and partnership that have guided us from the outset. 

People first, always

We underwent a rebrand to better reflect our ethos - though we are anchored in technology, everything we do comes back to people. We have updated our brand elements to encapsulate the convergence of human warmth and technological innovation. Likewise, we have revamped our website with an intuitive interface and robust resource hub to exemplify our dedication to sharing knowledge and building meaningful relationships within the clinical trial landscape. We have also upgraded the names of our core products to convey their offerings more effectively and demonstrate our commitment to providing streamlined solutions for challenges in clinical trial recruitment. Amidst these changes, however, our mission persists - to play a vital, enabling role in expediting patient-centred clinical trials that contribute to medical breakthroughs and amplify health outcomes, for everybody. Our visual transformation is an expression of our evolution, not a deviation from it. 

Check out our new website and resources and let us know what you think!

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