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Evrima Technologies and Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia join forces to revolutionise clinical trials

Evrima Technologies teams up with Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia to expand access to patient-centric trials


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

29 August 2023


Evrima Technologies, a leading Australian provider of clinical trial recruitment solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia (CPL), an Australian-first clinical drug trial distribution service. Driven by their shared vision of delivering optimal solutions to their clients, CPL and Evrima Technologies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), marking a significant milestone in expanding access to clinical trials, advancing a patient-centric approach, and driving transformative change within the industry.


Central Pharmacy Logistics gears up for increased participation in decentralised clinical trials through strategic partnership

Rima Darwiche, CEO and Founder of Central Pharmacy Logistics views this partnership as a catalyst for positive change in the industry: “Our work with Evrima will enable clinical trials to reach endpoints earlier, therefore, bringing breakthroughs, treatments, and cures closer to reality. Increased recruitment and the adoption of decentralised clinical trials provide patients with options and flexibility, which in turn enhance their engagement.

The MOU between Evrima Technologies and CPL will greatly benefit CPL's services, particularly its pioneering Direct-To-Patient model. By increasing patient awareness through comprehensive recruitment efforts, CPL aims to bring clinical trials to all patients, regardless of their geographic location. By offering increased convenience to participants, the partnership aims to boost clinical trial participation by providing an end-to-end, patient-centric model that reduces the need for participants to travel.

Evrima Technologies highlights Central Pharmacy Logistics' essential services as key motivator for strategic partnership

Charlotte Bradshaw, CEO and Founder of Evrima Technologies shares insights into the motivation behind this partnership: "CPL is a key player in facilitating decentralised clinical trials. They deliver investigational medication to people, and it's the first time we've worked with a company like this. This partnership aims to facilitate more trials in the community, reaching a more diverse population and individuals who previously lacked access to such opportunities. With 80% of clinical trials experiencing delays due to recruitment challenges, this collaboration represents a transformative step towards improving the clinical trial experience for participants.

Through Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia's nationwide shipping capabilities, even remote areas can now benefit from increased access to clinical trials. "Our partnership with CPL will contribute to the growth of Evrima in a new way for the company, allowing us to provide access and increased potential participation to individuals who may not have had previous opportunities to engage in clinical trials. This partnership empowers us to offer trials in the community, enhancing the overall patient experience," Charlotte adds.

By combining the expertise of Evrima Technologies and Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia, this strategic partnership is poised to revolutionise the landscape of clinical trials, driving innovation, and fostering a patient-centric approach that will ultimately lead to better health outcomes for all.

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About Central Pharmacy Logistics: Central Pharmacy Logistics is a supply chain company with the core of its service “Direct-To-Patient model” allowing for IP to be delivered and administered in the patient’s home. As the DTP model allows the patient to participate in the clinical trial from home, it reduces the need for them to travel to the investigator site, increasing study recruitment and retention whilst reducing costs for the sponsor.

Website: www.cplaustralia.com

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