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4 Reasons Why Clinical Trial Recruitment Software Can Help You Reach Your Recruitment Goals Faster


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

25 August 2023


When it comes to the successful execution of a clinical trial, recruiting an ample number of quality participants remains a significant stumbling block. It can be difficult finding protocol-specific populations, let alone managing their progression to enrolment and fostering seamless collaboration across multiple sites. 

However, with the advent of cutting-edge clinical trial software, including our dedicated recruitment tool, Evrilink, a new era of streamlined clinical trial recruitment has dawned. In this post, we will delve into four reasons why clinical trial software can help you reach your recruitment goals. By simplifying your workflows, providing data analytics, and facilitating regular communication with potential participants, clinical trial software can help you achieve optimal recruitment outcomes and contribute to the overall success of your clinical trial. 

Reason One: Streamlined participant recruitment process

Clinical trial software often includes recruitment management modules that streamline the entire participant recruitment process. For instance, our clinical trial software, Evrilink, includes a participant progress and status manager that allows trial site users to view referred participants and manage their enrolment process. Likewise, Evrilink can be used by multiple team members across multiple trial sites to communicate with one another and develop a clear understanding of which participants need to be followed up with and at what time.

Historically, spreadsheets, paper-based forms, and other manual methods have been used to track potential participants, which can be a time-consuming and error-laden process. By centraising participant data and follow-up tasks, clinical trial software can minimise delays and maximise enrolment efficiency.

Reason Two: Enhanced participant database management

Clinical trial software typically comes with participant management features that allow users to maintain accurate and up-to-date participant records, including contact information, medical history, and screening status. This is true of our clinical trial software, Evrilink, which allows users to seamlessly upload, manage, and invite participants to clinical trials. It also allows participants to register their interest, upload documents, complete screening surveys, and view their registration progress.


A well-organised database can help you identify suitable participants more quickly, send them personalised reminders, and ultimately keep them engaged and interested in the study. This, in turn, can contribute to higher enrolment rates and successful recruitment outcomes for your clinical trial.

Reason Three: Improved communication and engagement

Effective communication with potential participants is non-negotiable when it comes to recruiting for your clinical trial, as it fosters engagement, trust, and can enhance the trial's overall outcomes. Luckily, clinical trial recruitment software often includes built-in communication tools, such as email notifications, to keep participants informed about study updates and appointments.

For instance, our clinical trial software, Evrilink, automates communication with clinical trial participants about when they have been referred, withdrawn, or disqualified from the recruitment process. By facilitating regular communication with potential participants, clinical trial recruitment software not only keeps them committed to the study but also reduces the workload of clinical trial teams and so contributes to the overall success of the trial. 

Reason Four: Data-driven recruitment strategies

Clinical trial recruitment software can provide valuable data and analytics on your recruitment efforts that can subsequently be used to identify your recruitment efficiencies. With clinical trial software, you can track a variety of metrics, such as response and conversion rates, across different dates, trial sites, and stages of participant progress. 

In fact, with our clinical trial software, Evrilink, you can produce enterprise-level, de-identified reports with which trial sponsors can make data-driven decisions about how to optimise their recruitment processes. By facilitating data-driven recruitment strategies, clinical trial software can help you identify successful ways to approach and retain suitable participants and positively impact the overall outcomes of your clinical trial. 

Final thoughts

With clinical trial software like Evrilink, reaching your clinical trial recruitment goals can be a streamlined and straightforward process, rather than a challenging and complicated one. By consolidating and simplifying the participant recruitment process, enhancing participant database management, and facilitating effective communication with team members and participants alike, clinical trial recruitment software can empower you to efficiently identify and enrol suitable participants. Furthermore, with the data-driven recruitment strategies afforded by clinical trial recruitment software, you can make evidence-based decisions and optimise your recruitment efforts for greater success. Equally as important, clinical trial recruitment software can help you adhere to regulatory guidelines and safeguard the well-being of your participants and the safety of your data. By embracing clinical trial recruitment software, you can unlock the full potential of your recruitment efforts, contribute to the overall success of your trial, and advance medical research to benefit both patients and healthcare.

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