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The Rewards of Clinical Trial Participation: Leeanne’s Inspiring Story

Leeanne shares her rewarding experience of participating in a clinical trial.


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

19 May 2024

One woman’s journey showcases the empowering rewards of clinical trial participation - from gaining invaluable health insights to playing an active role in advancing medical treatments.Introduction

Have you ever considered participating in a clinical trial? Many people are hesitant, unsure of what to expect. But for 63-year-old Leeanne Lovey, a resident of Bundoora, Victoria, joining a clinical trial was an empowering and rewarding experience.
Leeanne's family has a history of diabetes, so she's passionate about supporting medical research in that area. Recently though, she signed up for a different kind of study - one exploring if probiotics could help reduce bone loss in older women after menopause.

"I first came across this study on Evrima Technologies' website," Leeanne explains, "I immediately enquired and decided that I’d like to participate as I was interested in learning more about bone health at an older age. However, not only was it a topic of interest - because clinical trials help with the advancement of treatment for the future, this was also a key motivator for my participation.”

The Benefits of Participation

For Leeanne, taking part in the clinical trial provided some fantastic personal benefits beyond just feeling accomplished about contributing to scientific progress. She says, "The study provided me with invaluable education on making simple dietary changes that can significantly improve my bone health."

Even better, as a participant Leeanne had access to medical testing that is generally too expensive for most people. In Leeanne’s own words: “I had access to medical tests that would have been cost-prohibitive otherwise, offering insights into my health that the average person might not have.”

By joining the trial, Leeanne not only took an active role in her own healthcare journey, but she also contributed to the advancement of medical research - paving the way for new and improved treatments for future patients.

What to Expect When You Join

Leeanne's experience helps illustrate what participating in a clinical trial is really like. According to Leeanne, the patient information she received was very informative and outlined the process clearly, thereby alleviating any worries she might have had. 

Though the time commitment for participating in clinical trials varies, Leeanne's study ran for two years, with each visit to the study site taking approximately 2-3 hours, including the initial screening for eligibility. She says, "The location was local but another site for scanning wasn't an issue. Staff were great, and all processes were explained along the way."

Her Advice? Just Do It!

For anyone considering joining a clinical trial but may have reservations or uncertainties, Leeanne offers some reassuring advice: "If the subject, location, and time suit, just do it! You are not locked in and can opt out at any time."

Leeanne believes that companies like Evrima Technologies, which aim to improve access and awareness of clinical trials, can make a significant positive impact in the healthcare industry. By normalising discussions about clinical trials, companies like Evrima can help break down barriers to participation while empowering more people to participate and open up new avenues for healthcare treatment - not only for themselves but also for future generations. 

As Leeanne explains: "More consumer knowledge about clinical trials would be beneficial. Without clinical trials, treatment is stagnant, and it's an area that needs constant advancement."

Take the Next Step

Like Leeanne, you too can play an invaluable role in helping researchers develop new and better treatments. Visit our website to view our active trials and learn more about the studies we're recruiting for right now. Whether you have a condition you'd like to help treat or are a healthy volunteer, clinical trial participation offers an amazing opportunity to be a catalyst for long-lasting and meaningful change.

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