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Elevating patient care: 5 key reasons to incorporate clinical trials into your practice


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

25 August 2023


When it comes to healthcare excellence, clinical trials play a vital role, as they help advance our understanding of treatments, shape the landscape of patient care, and ultimately revolutionise health outcomes for all. Doctors similarly play a pivotal role, as patients typically rely on their doctors' counsel to navigate treatment pathways that will yield the best possible outcome. Clinical trials present an exciting avenue for doctors to access potential new treatments, contribute to medical research, and enhance patient care. In this blog post, we will delve into five reasons why doctors should consider clinical trials as a care option for their patients. Likewise, we'll explore how Evripath, our clinical trial search tool for GPs, can empower doctors to seamlessly search and refer their patients for potentially life-changing clinical trials, thereby ensuring brighter health horizons, for everyone.

Reason one: Access to cutting-edge treatments

Clinical trials, by their design, evaluate the safety and efficacy of potential new treatments, interventions, and diagnostic tools in identifying, managing, and preventing a spectrum of medical conditions. As such, by advocating for your patients to participate in clinical trials, you can facilitate their access to cutting-edge therapies that could reshape the course of their medical journeys. Likewise, clinical trials are held to strict ethical and regulatory standards, so you can rest assured your patients' best interests will be safeguarded throughout their participation.

Reason two: Personalised patient care

Clinical trials comprise eligibility criteria to ensure the potential new treatments, interventions, or diagnostic tools they're testing can have a positive impact on those who need them most. As such, by encouraging your patients to participate in clinical trials,  you can help them engage with potential new therapies that have been tailored to their unique medical profiles, and so could yield more favourable health outcomes. Additionally, by participating in clinical trials, patients become active partners in their own care journey, which can foster a sense of empowerment, a deeper understanding of their own condition and health management, and improved well-being.



Reason three: Contribute to medical advancement

Clinical trials form the cornerstone upon which ground-breaking discoveries are built. By considering clinical trials as a care option for your patients, you can actively contribute to the development of potential new treatments and help expand the boundaries of medical knowledge. This not only enriches individual care, but also the broader landscape of healthcare possibilities.

Reason four: Early detection and intervention

Some clinical trials focus on investigating the viability and effectiveness of potential new detection and prevention strategies, with an eye to proactively intercept different medical conditions and amplify patient well-being. As such, by extending clinical trials as a care option for your patients, you can contribute to the prospect of identifying medical conditions at their nascent stages, offering interventions when they are most impactful, and safeguarding your patients’ well-being. 

Reason five: Enhanced reputation and trust 

Clinical trials reside at the vanguard of medical progress - advancing therapies from development to refinement and eventual commercialisation. As such, by incorporating clinical trials as a care option, you can similarly demonstrate your commitment to exploring new medical frontiers and improving patient outcomes, thereby fostering trust and loyalty among the medical and general community. Likewise, clinical trials can allow you to connect with medical professionals from other fields, and so deepen your medical knowledge, expand your professional network, and bolster your reputation as a healthcare leader.

Unlock potentially life-changing clinical trials with Evripath

Now that we have covered five compelling reasons why you should integrate clinical trials into your care options,  we will explore how Evripath, our dedicated GP clinical search tool, can help you make this happen. With Evripath, you can effortlessly search and refer your patients for potentially life-changing clinical trials. Evripath is quick, easy, and intuitive to use. And, once you have found clinical trials that may be of benefit to your patients, you can refer them onto our dedicated Patient Experience team for screening. Evripath can empower you to collaborate with professional clinical trial teams and contribute to medical breakthroughs in a workflow that is customised to your practice, and prioritises the privacy and wellbeing of your patients.. Find out more about Evripath.

Final thoughts 

In this blog post, we've journeyed through five key reasons why you should consider clinical trials as a care option for your patients. By facilitating access to potentially life-changing interventions and detection strategies tailored to your patients' specific needs, clinical trials can enrich your patient care while helping you contribute to medical breakthroughs, as well as cultivate a reputation built on trust and innovation. Evripath, our dedicated GP clinical search tool, can help you incorporate clinical trials into your practice with ease and take an active role in shaping a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Get in touch with us to discuss how Evripath can help you elevate your patient outcomes.