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Evrima Technologies and StrongRoom AI forge partnership to break down barriers in clinical research


Olivia Ustariz

Date Published

22 September 2023

Evrima Technologies taps into StrongRoom AI’s extensive healthcare network to explore new frontiers in clinical trial recruitment

Evrima Technologies, one of Australia’s leading partners in clinical trial recruitment, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with StrongRoom AI (SRAI), an AI-driven controlled drugs management platform focused on enhancing medication safety and patient well-being. Marked by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), this strategic partnership will see Evrima Technologies use StrongRoom's pharmacy and aged care networks to promote clinical trials at point of care. As such, it signals a groundbreaking initiative to break down the barriers to clinical trial participation, speed up clinical development timelines, and get new therapies to market.

Evrima Technologies taps into StrongRoom AI’s extensive healthcare network to explore new frontiers in clinical trial recruitment

Since its inception in 2017, StrongRoom has leveraged its medication management and patient drug adherence platform to enhance medication safety and patient well-being across over 2,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and aged care facilities. Leveraging AI analytics and Facial Recognition technology, they are committed to ensuring patients receive the highest level of care, based on who they are and what they need, while safeguarding their data.

Ben McEvoy, Chief Technology Officer at Evrima Technologies, was drawn to StrongRooms propensity for better patient outcomes. He felt their expansive networks were a natural fit for seamlessly integrating clinical trials as a care option within a clinical or healthcare setting, where patients can make informed decisions about participating in trials with the guidance of their healthcare providers.

"StrongRoom AI has over 1,700 locations nationwide, which gives us a new integrated channel to reach patients at point of care. We can use prescription medication as an indicator of trial eligibility and contact patients via a trusted healthcare provider," said Ben.

Likewise, Max Mito, CEO and Co-Founder of StrongRoom AI, is enthusiastic about this partnership with Evrima, highlighting the exciting potential it holds for the healthcare industry.

"This partnership is set to expand horizons for our customers and empower patients with previously untapped healthcare possibilities, and opening new doors for innovation. Evrima is a trusted partner, positioned to bring new opportunities for healthcare professionals and patients alike by revolutionising clinical trial recruitment. Through connecting researchers, clinicians, and patients, to streamline research and deliver timely treatments. Together we strive to dismantle obstacles to clinical trial participation, accelerate clinical development, and bring new therapies to market swiftly, to innovate the future of healthcare”.

Diverse participation, accelerated progress: Evrima Technologies’ and StrongRoom AI’s vision for strategic partnership

Charlotte Bradshaw, CEO and Founder of Evrima Technologies said the vision for this strategic partnership is to facilitate more trials in the community, reach a more diverse population, including those who have previously lacked access to such opportunities, and ultimately unlock new possibilities for patient care.

"Our work with StrongRoom AI will allow us to embed research into the community, increase access to trials that people otherwise would not have had access to, and enhance the diversity of participants in research. Our goal is to break down the barriers of participation, speed up clinical development timelines, and help get new medicines to those who need them most," said Charlotte.

United by their mission to innovate healthcare through people-centred, tech-enabled solutions, Evrima Technologies and SRAI hope this strategic partnership will connect primary care with clinical research, revolutionise the clinical trial landscape, and lead to better health outcomes - for everyone.

About StrongRoom AI: StrongRoom AI is a medication management and patient drug adherence platform focused on enhancing medication safety and patient well-being across pharmacy, hospital, and aged care facility settings. Specialising in AI analytics and facial recognition technology, StrongRoom AI is committed to helping clinicians and care providers streamline and enhance their administration outcomes, as well as ensuring their patients receive the right medication at the right time, while ensuring the security of their data.

Website: https://strongroom.ai/

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