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Breaking News: Groundbreaking Australian Pilot Unveils Cutting-Edge Clinical Trial Recruitment Pathways

Evrima Technologies pioneers innovative new patient recruitment pathways.


Lauren Duffy

Date Published

19 May 2024

Evrima Technologies, StrongRoomAI, and Paratus Clinical pioneer a pilot project driving innovation in clinical trial recruitment by introducing new pathways for patients. 

In a groundbreaking development for medical research in Australia, Evrima Technologies, along with StrongRoom.AI, a medication management platform with a significant presence in pharmacy and aged care, and Paratus Clinical, a clinical trial site network, has successfully ran a pilot project to provide new pathways for patients to find and access clinical trials by combining GP networks, pharmacy networks and clinical trial site networks. 

This pilot marks a significant revolution in clinical trial recruitment, as it leverages primary health channels to reach patients where they are, increase awareness of trials with healthcare professionals, connecting their communities with ideal-fit clinical trials, and ultimately bring new therapies to market faster.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative within the Australian healthcare landscape, patients with potential trial eligibility are being identified through Evrima’s GP and pharmacy network, Evripath, contacted through StrongRoom’s pharmacy channels and seamlessly connected with Paratus’s onsite team for further screening. 

Patients now have the opportunity to consider clinical trials as a care option in consultation with their trusted primary healthcare providers, thus opening new possibilities for patient care. 

The initial results from this partnership are promising. Through this innovative technology, 39 eligible participants were identified and matched via local pharmacies, to clinical trials in their community in a matter of days.

Charlotte Bradshaw, Founder and CEO of Evrima Technologies had this to say about the success of the pilot project:: “Evrima successfully completed a pilot project in New South Wales, along with StrongRoom AI, a medication management platform, and Paratus Clinical, a clinical trial site network, to identify eligible participants via pharmacies and refer them to local clinical trials in their community. This project saw rapid adoption by healthcare professionals and provided a number of patients with the opportunity to participate in clinical trials they wouldn’t normally have been aware of. Evrima plans to expand this network to reach 5 million people by the end of the year.” 

Montana Grenfell, B.Pharm, AACP Accredited Pharmacist and Chief of Staff at StrongRoom AI firmly believes Evripath will transform the landscape of clinical trial recruitment and patient care:

“As a community pharmacist, I believe that clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing our arsenal of healthcare solutions, providing hope and possibilities for patients facing challenging health conditions. The success of the Evripath pilot project is a testament to the transformative impact of technology-enabled solutions in clinical trial recruitment.”

StrongRoom AI has established a notable footprint in the Australian pharmacy industry, with its pharmacy network encompassing around 35% of pharmacies across the country. With such extensive coverage, StrongRoom AI's network plays a pivotal role in facilitating access to healthcare services and medication for countless Australians.

Matt C, Chief Commercial Officer at Paratus Clinical believes:
“The advancement of technology to create better awareness of what is being done in research to a larger and more diverse population, is a hugely positive step forward for the development of new medicines. The biggest rate limiting step of conducting any research study is the recruitment of eligible and interested people willing to participate, the exciting speed and reach of these technologies will ultimately help studies complete faster and get medicines to patients sooner.”

Paratus Clinical has 5 trial sites across the east coast of Australia and conducts hundreds of clinical trials every year across a range of health areas including cardiovascular, diabetes, haematology, pain psychiatry, respiratory and women’s health. 

The aim is to establish the most extensive referral network in Australia, leveraging the widespread presence of StrongRoom.AI's pharmacy network, and Paratus Clinical's growing trial site network. By tapping into the vast reach and accessibility of community pharmacies, Evrima Technologies, in collaboration with StrongRoom.AI and Paratus Clinical, embeds research within the community, dismantling barriers to trial participation and expediting clinical development timelines.

This innovative approach not only expands the pool of potential participants,  but it also fosters greater inclusivity and diversity within clinical research, which ultimately contributes to more robust and representative study outcomes. Moreover, by leveraging advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, this initiative exemplifies a proactive response to the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery and research.

If you would like to find out more about Evripath and how it can boost patient recruitment for your clinical trial, please contact enquiries@evrima.com.au.

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